08:00 AM

The 10 Things Every Inflammatory Arthritis Patient Needs to Survive Cold and Flu Season

Creaky Joints reports on the top 10 tips to surviving cold and flu season when you have inflammatory arthritis. 

According to Dee Dee Wu, MD, rheumatologist at HSS, it's important to get a flu shot each year. 

"Vaccines decrease patients' susceptibility to specific infections, so all high-risk patients, particularly those who are elderly and/or those on immunosuppressive agents, should receive the flu vaccine unless there is a contraindication," she says.

Additionally, a pneumonia vaccine is also recommended in adults but Dr. Wu says to discuss the vaccine with your physician as there are two different types that can be considered. 

"Avoiding close contact with an actively infected person is also important in limiting airborne transmission," Dr. Wu adds.

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