15:45 PM

Team doctors reflect on how Giants, NFL navigated COVID-19 protocols

The New York Giants feature team physicians Scott A. Rodeo, MD (sports medicine surgeon at HSS) and James J. Kinderknecht, MD (primary sports medicine physician at HSS) in a video interview on how the team navigated the season in the middle of a pandemic.

Dr. Rodeo noted, “I think the NFL frankly did a fabulous job in guiding us through this. Starting with leadership, Alan Sills, the chief medical officer in assembling a panel of experts. Infectious disease specialists, cardiologists, a tremendous communication from the NFL to all of our team medical staffs. And our job was to translate that information to our teams.”

Dr. Kinderknecht added, “A lot of it was just learning patterns. We have a data base that really was never achieved before – in terms of spread and testing.”

Watch the full interview at Giants.com.