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Take a Knee. Take a Break. Repeat.

Fuel interviewed Erica Fritz PT, DPT, OCS, manager of Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center at HSS, who provided tips on knee injury prevention and treatment for workers in the construction industry.

Fritz explained that similar knee issues in construction workers may require different treatments because the cause of injuries likely vary.

She noted that repetitive kneeling on the job could affect the joint and advised workers to take frequent breaks.

"Even standing up for 30 seconds every hour before you get back down to the task you're doing is important," Fritz said.

She also discussed the importance of a proper squat as improper form can put stress on the knee joint.

It's important to seek medical attention if knee pain lasts longer than two weeks. "Surgery becomes an option when all conservative measures—like physical therapy, acupuncture, pain medication, and cortisone injections --  fail," she added.

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