17:11 PM

Surprising Parts of the Body You Need to Exercise Regularly

AARP discusses surprising parts of the body to exercise in order to stay healthy and active and includes guidance from Fred David Cushner, MD, knee surgeon at HSS.

Dr. Cushner explained that for knees, it is important to maintain strength but also flexibility and muscular balance.

According to Dr. Cushner, “The two main muscle groups to the knee are the quads and the hamstrings. So when your quads get weak, you might have pain getting from a sitting to a standing position. You may have discomfort with stairs and problems kneeling. With problems in the hamstrings, you get tightness in your hamstrings, but that can also give you some low back pain.”

He underscored appropriate strengthening in the correct manner. “While lunges and squats might be great for your 18-year-old grandson, they’re not great when you have some arthritis, because that puts a lot of force across the knee,” he added.

Dr. Cushner noted that with knees and other joints, maintaining flexibility is important because it helps prevent injury while also maintaining the balance of the joint.

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