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Stem Cell Clinics Pitch Pricey, Bogus 'Cures' for Knee Pain

HSS sports medicine surgeon Scott A. Rodeo, MD, shares his expertise in an article on bogus claims made by some stem cell clinics in the United States. According to a study presented at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting, the clinics are charging big money for unproven "cures" for knee arthritis.

Dr. Rodeo, who was not involved in this particular study but has conducted his own research on stem cells, says there is no evidence that stem cells will produce new cartilage in the knee to alleviate arthritis pain. "The idea these cells are going to regenerate cartilage -- there's zero data," he notes.

Instead, Dr. Rodeo recommends that patients with arthritis try established treatments such as ibuprofen to reduce pain and swelling, and exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the knee.

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