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Staying fit and healthy during the winter months

Good Morning Connecticut hosted HSS sports medicine surgeon Karen M. Sutton, MD live on-air to discuss how to stay safe while being active in the winter months.

Dr. Sutton explained the importance of planning your workouts in advance, including set-aside time for warming up and cooling down. Additionally, Dr. Sutton noted that protective garments are required.

"You need to have some synthetic or wool layers to protect you. The first would be a base layer with Capilene, which is really nice because you're not going to hold down all that water in that layer. Then you want to have a fleece layer, and finally it's important to have some sort of shell that will protect you from rain or snow," she said.

If you aren't dressed with the appropriate layers, Dr. Sutton said "I think unfortunately what you do is lose a lot of that water faster, and once you lose a lot of that, you're going to get cold a lot faster so your tolerance for exercising during that time is worse."

Watch the full segment at wtnh.com. This segment aired during the January 29, 2018 broadcast.