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Stamford doctor performs surgery on his former Greenwich High science teacher: 'Hey, you never know.'

Stamford Advocate highlights HSS patient Arleene Ferko, a former Greenwich High School science teacher who underwent total reverse shoulder replacement surgery performed by her former student and sports medicine surgeon Samuel A. Taylor, MD.  

One moment inside Ferko's science class in the late 1990s turned out to be remarkably prescient. The Advanced Placement Biology teacher asked all of her students where they saw themselves after graduating from college. As Ferko tells it,  Dr. Taylor said he wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon.

Ferko, who at the time had already had two hip replacement surgeries, responded, “Well, if I need an orthopedic surgeon and you're still in the area, I'll look you up.”  Prior to her total reverse shoulder replacement surgery in 2021, Ferko's everyday activities were limited for three years. 

Dr. Taylor reflects on Ferko's class, which he described as formative. "She’s somebody who touched my life," he said. "For me to have a positive influence on her mobility means a lot to me."

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