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Special Needs Surfers: 'Riding Those Waves Makes Me Feel Free'

CBS New York reported that the Adaptive Sports Academy at HSS hosted a surfing trip for pediatric patients with physical disabilities in Long Beach, Long Island.

HSS physical therapist Bridget A. Assip PT, DPT, PCS, who was on-site during the event, explained the medical benefits of adaptive surfing.

"It helps them with balance, it helps them with body awareness, and I think most importantly it helps them with self-esteem and confidence," said Assip.

22-year-old patient Sadsidorela Lleeshi shared that the experience was "calm and riding those waves makes me feel free".

"It was really fun because I got to stand up on the surf board three times, which is a new record," said nine-year-old Maya Vega.

Watch the full segment at newyork.cbslocal.com. This also aired during the August 22, 2018 broadcast.

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