15:38 PM

Sore Achilles Tendon? Here’s How to Treat It

Runner’s World offers guidance for treating Achilles tendon pain or soreness according to HSS sports medicine physician Jordan D. Metzl, MD.

For runners who start experiencing pain in the Achilles region, it is advised to stop running because it could make it worse. Dr. Metzl explained, “An irritated Achilles tendon can turn into a more serious tendinosis and partial or complete tear of the Achilles in very rapid succession.”

For the treatment of Achilles tendinitis, see a physician if there is a lump or nodule in the area, but otherwise try to reduce swelling and irritation with icing, anti-inflammatory medicine or even self-massage, noted Dr. Metzl.

While Achilles tendinitis is healing, Dr. Metzl suggested staying away from high-impact, weight-bearing exercises and trying low-impact activities like swimming, pool running, or cycling in a low gear instead.

To prevent the recurrence of Achilles tendinitis, it’s important to strengthen the muscles in your calves and feet. Dr. Metzl cited, “The stronger the muscles, the less the loading force is on the tendon.”

To prevent Achilles tendinitis in the future, Dr. Metzl recommended shorter strides and quickening the cadence to avoid the heel-striking too heavily, as Achilles tendinitis is also linked to overstriding.

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