16:08 PM

Sleep Awareness Week

PIX 11 discusses mattress and pillow tips to ease neck and back pain while sleeping during Sleep Awareness Week and includes guidance from Naimish Baxi, MD, physiatrist at HSS.

Dr. Baxi said, “Back pain and neck pain are most common, which can happen at the same time and can be an equation for horrible sleep.”

According to Dr. Baxi, in terms of choosing the right mattress, “There are studies that have been done show hybrid type mattresses have the most effect on pain relief especially for the lower back hybrids are made up of a combination of inner spring and memory foam, with newer mattresses the technology has improved dramatically to improve airflow and the temperature control can also make for a much better night’s rest.”

He said the most important thing to try out a mattresses during a trial period.

He added that sleeping on too soft or absorbable mattress can lead to alignment issues but too firm a mattress may could poor alignment in shoulders due to not enough neck or shoulder support.

He explained, “When choosing a pillow, determine what position you spend most of your night on, such as your side or back. It’s important to find a pillow in a neutral position that keeps the keep the spine or back in neutral alignment.”

This segment appeared during the 4pm news hour on March 14, 2022.