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SLE Flares during and after Pregnancy Are Mild and Occur at Similar Rates

Lupus disproportionally affects women of childbearing age. Studies have found that low disease activity for six months prior to conception leads to the best outcomes; however, there is little prospective data describing the relative frequency and predictors of flares during and after pregnancy under such conditions. Investigators from HSS and other institutions analyzed data from the PROMISSE study, a multicenter, prospective observational study from 2003-2014 of 384 pregnant women meeting at least four criteria for lupus. Upon completing their analysis, the researchers reported that flares during pregnancy were correlated with clinical and serological activity during the first trimester. The study found that flares during and after pregnancy were typically mild, infrequently required treatment, and occurred at similar rates.

Abstract #1854: https://acrabstracts.org/abstract/sle-flares-during-and-after-pregnancy-are-mild-and-occur-at-similar-rates/