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Signs You Suffer From Supination—and How to Fix It

In a Runner's World article, HSS primary care sports medicine physician Marci A. Goolsby, MD discusses potential injuries and treatment options for supination, the insufficient inward roll of the foot after landing.

According to the article, runners with supination place extra stress on the outside of the foot, which could cause a variety of musculoskeletal issues such as a stress fracture of the fibula.

"A fibula fracture is not very common, but supinators may be more likely to stress this area," said Dr. Goolsby.

To alleviate the negative effects of supination, Dr. Goolsby recommended strength training. "It's important to be strong all the way through your kinetic chain," she said.

Dr. Goolsby advised focusing on glute and hip strengthening exercises that will bring greater stability to your ankle and feet.

Additionally, Dr. Goolsby recommended using supination-friendly orthotics.

"The insert would be less corrective, but would focus more on providing cushioning and a comfortable surface area for your foot," she added.

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