07:00 AM

Significant Injuries Lead to Titans First Loss

News Channel 5 Network's SportsLine interviewed HSS primary care sports medicine physician Ryan J. Lingor, MD, live on-air to discuss the recent injuries of Tennessee Titans' Delanie Walker, Taylor Lewan, and Marcus Mariota.

According to the segment, Walker broke an ankle, Lewan suffered a concussion and Mariota injured an elbow.

Dr. Lingor, who did not treat the athletes, explained that surgery is required to restore stability in a broken ankle and it typically takes a year to recover.  

When discussing concussion protocol in the NFL, Dr. Lingor noted that "the first thing is to make sure [the athlete's] symptoms are resolving from the concussion itself." He added that the athletic trainers and coaches slowly immerse the athlete back into activities and monitor for any concussion symptoms.

Watch the full segment at newschannel5.com. This also aired during the September 10, 2018 broadcast.