08:00 AM

Sideline Data - Dr. Robert Marx (Surgery + Rehab)

In a recent podcast episode of ‘Sideline Data’, League Apps interviews Robert G. Marx, MD, MSc, FRCSC, sports medicine surgeon at HSS, on youth sports injuries, surgery and rehabilitation.

"Kids are playing more sports than they used to. There’s more organized sports, more practices, more games and more opportunities to get hurt," says Dr. Marx. "With advances in diagnostic imaging, we are identifying the injuries better, earlier and more frequently. And our surgical techniques have evolved so we are able to fix things more than we used to be able to do."

"Seasonality still remains an issue for many athletes. Certainly at the high school, varsity and collegiate levels, they generally do have a season… having said that, there’s often a place for rehabilitation for many injuries and giving them a chance to heal or get better without surgery, with surgery as the last resort if they don’t heal. There are also certain injuries where rehab is not appropriate and you know its not going to work or a patient needs surgery right away," adds Dr. Marx.

Listen to the full interview at LeagueApps.com.