07:00 AM

Sideline Data - Dr. Joshua Dines

League Apps reports on the advanced data and metrics that baseball relies on today. In a recent podcast episode of 'Sideline Data', they interview Joshua S. Dines, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS, who discusses how arm sleeves have the potential to shape the future of pitching.

"If you can maximize performance, then that has big implications for pro athletes and also high school kids," explains Dr. Dines.

"A lot of the data and research we're doing is trying to figure out what is the appropriate amount to throw, what's the appropriate balance between acute versus chronic workloads," Dr. Dines says. "These are things that we used to base on conventional wisdom, but now because of wearables we can get a lot more granular and scientific in the decisions that we are making." 

Listen to the full interview at LeagueApps.com.