07:00 AM

Show 1106: How to Find Time to Exercise

The People's Pharmacy hosted HSS primary care sports medicine physician Jordan D. Metzl, MD live on-air to discuss how those with a busy schedule can stay active.

When asked how to find time for exercise during the day, Dr. Metzl said "exercise efficacy is best when done first thing in the morning". He recommended starting off with calisthenics and body weight exercises.

Additionally, Dr. Metzl noted that if you don't have an extended amount of time during the day to exercise, short bursts of intense activity are also helpful.

"Our bodies are designed to move every single day," he noted.

During the interview, he described a variety of exercises to start the day, such as lunges, burpees, hip-ups and planks.

"The reason I like planks is for people with achy backs. You're working on strengthening your muscles on the front and the back of the spine at the same time."

For more information, go to peoplespharmacy.com. This segment aired during the January 20, 2017 broadcast.