13:08 PM

Should you take your shoes off at home? Experts weigh in

TODAY discusses the benefits of wearing shoes or going barefoot at home according to experts including David S. Levine, MD, foot and ankle surgeon at HSS.

Dr. Levine said that when it comes to supportive footwear, a sneaker is likely the best thing for your foot.

He continued, “It's accommodative on the upper, meaning it's not a narrow-pointed toe box that's squeezing your foot, it is often made of some semi-firm materials. On the bottom side, it's supportive and has some proper balance of cushion and support.”

Dr. Levine explained that whatever shoe worn inside or outside of the house should have a good balance between comfort, structure and support. Looking for a topographical footbed that contours to the foot, or a memory foam footbed can also help provide that balance.

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