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Should You Start Doing Push-Ups Every Day? And How to Get the Proper Form

AskMen.com discusses the benefits of doing push-ups and how to get proper form according to HSS exercise physiologist Max Castrogaleas MA, CSCS, TSAC-F, EP-C, FMS, FRCms.

According to Castrogaleas, push-ups are a great way to build upper body strength. “The main muscle groups or body areas targeted are the chest, shoulders, serratus anterior, and triceps,” he noted.

Castrogaleas explained while push-ups are great for the body, you shouldn’t be doing them every day, as rest time shouldn’t be ignored. “In order for your body to recover and get stronger, you need to include rest time. Without proper rest and recovery, you will end up overtraining and potentially getting injured,” he said.

When it comes to performing push-ups in proper form, Castrogaleas suggested thinking about this exercise as a moving plank. “Aim to keep your core and glutes engaged throughout the full range of motion. This will help you maintain a stable and neutral spine position,” he said. “Place your hands under your shoulders – slightly wider than shoulder-width apart – and keep your elbows at a 45-degree angle, or closer, to your body with the elbows pointing back. Avoid letting your elbows flare out as this will put unwanted stress around the shoulders.”

Castrogaleas also explained reps to aim for and when to incorporate push-ups in your workout.

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