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Same-Day Surgery: When Is It Right For You?

Paramus Daily Voicefeatures a bylined article by Michael P. Ast, MD, hip and knee surgeon at HSS, on same-day surgery for joint replacement.
Dr. Ast writes that the advantages of same-day hip and knee replacement surgery include a lower risk of infection, more rapid return to normal activities and a higher rate of patient satisfaction.

"If you are otherwise healthy, do not smoke, live at home with another person for support after surgery and are motivated to get back to your life quickly, then you are likely a good candidate for same-day discharge," explains Dr. Ast who notes that each person’s anatomy and complexity of the joint condition should be considered.

His patient Sue explains how she became mobile very quickly after same-day knee surgery. "My advice to potential patients is make sure that you are prepared at home – both with family and friends you can lean on and the actual tools you need to recover. Don’t be afraid to go home on the same day, it encourages you to begin your personal recovery sooner," she adds.

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