07:00 AM

Routine Use of IV Acetaminophen Not Supported In Open Colectomy

Anesthesiology News featured a study by HSS anesthesiologist Stavros G. Memtsoudis, MD, PhD, MBA, who investigated the efficacy of IV acetaminophen in reducing opioid consumption for patients undergoing surgery.

According to the article, findings indicated that IV acetaminophen is not as effective as alternative nonopioid analgesic options.

Dr. Memtsoudis said that the results are reflective of a widespread tendency to turn to any treatment that's said to reduce opioid utilization and its side effects in the wake of the ongoing opioid crisis, regardless of whether the evidence is there to support it.

"Reducing opioids is certainly an important goal, and anything that can help with that is welcome. But IV acetaminophen, as it is currently used, doesn't seem to have any benefits over oral administration," he added.

This article appeared in the October 2018 print issue.