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Robert Duran is Riding His Own Personal Tour De France Every Day

Muscle + Fitness discusses the benefits of cycling during the summer months and includes expert guidance from David S. Levine, MD, foot and ankle surgeon at HSS.

Dr. Levine explained, “Cycling is a low-impact, cardio form of exercise. As such, muscles including the heart are trained to work efficiently and grow modestly. Weight bearing joints are loaded but not excessively, thereby avoiding over-load which can lead to injury and arthritis over time. The lungs are trained to efficiently take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Cycling can be performed in groups; strengthening friendships and promoting healthy competition and the encouragement to improve."

He added that vigorous exercises activates muscles, stimulates brain activity, and causes the release of endorphins.

“Regular exercise, such as cycling, does have a positive impact on the immune system,” noted Dr. Levine.

Another benefit might be to rehabilitate an injury. “Depending on the nature of an injury, exercise such as cycling can be particularly helpful,” he said.

According to Dr. Levine, “As an orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon, I often surgically repair broken ankles. While these patients are unable to walk early in their recovery, stationary bicycling promotes muscle function and avoids atrophy. It also maintains the motion of an injured or repaired ankle joint and is helpful for cartilage preservation and nutrition. Of course, one should check with their physician before beginning a vigorous exercise program. That said, responsible, progressive, low impact exercise is rarely contraindicated.”

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