20:06 PM

Rheumatology clinics find success with smoking cessation referral program

Rheumatology News reports on study findings published in Arthritis Care & Research (AC&R) which found a new protocol designed to help patients in rheumatology clinics quit smoking proved both efficient and effective in referring willing participants to free tobacco quit lines.

HSS rheumatologist Medha Barbhaiya, MD, MPH who was not involved in the study commented on the findings, noting, “While smoking cessation programs require time and resources to implement, this study suggests a role for evidence-based protocols within rheumatology centers.” Dr. Barbhaiya added, “Given that current smokers are at an increased risk of developing more severe rheumatic disease and cardiovascular disease, and patients often visit their rheumatologist multiple times yearly, rheumatologists may be well-positioned to address smoking cessation with patients.”

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