09:56 AM

Rheumatologist Reflects on Her Path from Practice to Teaching to Research

The Rheumatologist  interviews Anne R. Bass, MD,  rheumatologist at HSS, who reflects on her unique career path combining clinical practice with academia.

Dr. Bass knew early in her academic career that she would be going into medicine. She loved science, but also knew that she wanted to be involved with people. In medical school at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, she was similarly attracted early on to immunology—just when the function of T cells was beginning to be understood. Excitement about immunology was “in the air,” she noted.

And because she also intuited that pure basic science was not her route, she realized rheumatology provided the way to combine research and working with people. “I realized that rheumatology was the clinical side of immunology,” she said.

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