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Revamped communication plan speeds clinician response

In an article by Health Data Management, HSS director of operational excellence Nick Wirth discussed the topic of the Hospital's upcoming session at HIMSS18, Standardizing Clinical Communication Improves Patient Care. According to the article, HSS senior director Peter W. Grimaldi, MS, PA-C, MBA, MPT will also be presenting. The session will showcase how HSS redesigned its communication system, and highlight the importance of a physician-led clinical communications strategy.

Wirth explained that HSS sought to improve care team collaboration and coordination of care, but found such improvements difficult without intentionally using technology to break out of a siloed work culture.

"While HSS' acute EHR system is the source of truth for the patient's medical record, HSS needed a platform to bridge the gap between the record and notify the provider about actionable items," said Wirth.

According to the article, HSS adapted a technology that enabled quick and secure communication among care team members. Between the first and last half of 2017, response times decreased significantly and the average monthly hospital discharge time dropped by three hours.

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