16:23 PM

Research, Education, and Patient Care

In the April issue of LEADERS Magazine, Douglas E. Padgett, MD, associate surgeon-in-chief and deputy medical director at HSS, discusses research, education, and patient care. 

“HSS has been recognized as a leader in musculoskeletal care for almost 160 years,” said Dr. Padgett. 

“It has been the hallmark of leadership at HSS to excel at the domains of research, education, and patient care. In some respects, its actually pretty simple: identify clinically relevant problems, use a robust research infrastructure to seek out possible solutions, and then educate the best and the brightest on how to implement these best practices. But simple doesn’t mean it is easy. The challenges for me have always been about time management and prioritization of the most pressing issues,” said Dr. Padgett. 

“I am deeply committed to research, as it will point the way to the future, and appreciate the importance of educating the future clinical stars of musculoskeletal care. While those are both important, the honor and privilege of caring for patients remains my top priority,” continued Dr. Padgett. 

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