07:00 AM

Reducing physician burnout: First destigmatise, then organise

Spinal News International reported that HSS surgeon-in-chief Todd J. Albert, MD, gave a keynote address on physician burnout at the 25th International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques (IMAST).

"We [physicians] burden ourselves with incredible professional responsibilities and ignore our own health, as well as that of those around us. Many of us have been trained by role models who work sick hours, will not take care of themselves, will not go home, will do research night and day, and will not care for their families. So we have to be a little careful, and wonder if it is out of balance," said Dr. Albert.

For preventative and treatment, Dr. Albert noted that HSS has a wellness calendar. "We have programs to create a culture of health, including meditation and a book club for wellness for our staff; for our residents, for our nurses and ancillary providers as well."

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