17:57 PM

Recurrent instability similar with arthroscopic Bankart repair, open bone block procedure

Orthopedics Today reports on HSS study results led by Joshua S. Dines, MD, sports medicine surgeon, and presented at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) 2021 annual meeting, showing patients who underwent either arthroscopic Bankart repair or open bone block stabilization had similar rates of recurrent instability.

According to Dr. Dines, “Our goal here was to identify the preoperative characteristics that would help us predict recurrent instability. To that point, we looked at glenoid bone loss, we looked at bone loss on the humeral head side, the Hill Sachs lesion and we also looked at the concept called the glenoid track, and we did this via preoperative MRIs or CT scans.”

He continued, “Glenoid bone loss was not predictive, which was something that we actually worry about when we are doing these stabilizations. I think this speaks to some of the limitations of this study which was that it was retrospective. So, there was selection bias where if a patient had significant bone loss going in, that probably led the surgeon to do the open bone block procedure which would mitigate some of the risk of recurrent instability if we did it arthroscopically.”

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