20:31 PM

Q&A with CIO Jamie Nelson, Part 2: “It Almost Feels Like Another Industrial Revolution."

healthsystemCIO features part two of a Q&A with Jamie Nelson, senior vice president, chief information officer at HSS, who discussed her team’s plans for 2021, focusing on digital health and diversity and inclusion.

Nelson noted, “If you look at telehealth, that is digital. That’s been a huge acceleration,” adding, “We are continuing to move forward, because we know that’s going to be an important component as patients choose where they have their healthcare.”

Nelson continued, “Within IT, we have done a couple of very purposeful things in terms of internships with young people from diverse backgrounds. We’ve been involved for quite a while with an organization that takes people from various backgrounds, trains them on technology, gets them internships with all sorts of amazing companies, and these young people wind up getting full-time jobs. That’s been great.”

She cited, “And this is our fourth or fifth year of sponsoring winterships. These are winter internships to young women, mostly of color, or first-generation women attending the City University of New York (CUNY) system, which includes more than 20 schools. They’re at the top of their class and they’re interested in technology. They come here for five weeks in the winter and we put them on very interesting projects, and they do a presentation based on what they learned.”

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