20:06 PM

Q&A: Provider-based additive manufacturing 3D-printed implants used in complex cases

Orthopedics Today reports the first surgeries were completed with patient-specific 3D-printed orthopedic implants produced at the LimaCorporate ProMade Point of Care Center at HSS, and included commentary about the advantages of this collaboration from HSS hip and knee surgeon Peter K. Sculco, MD.

According to Dr. Sculco, “For the surgeon, additive manufacturing provides a comprehensive solution to manage some of our most complex cases. Surgeons should feel confident that we can offer patients an implant customized and optimized for a patient’s specific situation. For the patient, knowing the time, effort, clinical expertise and technology behind the creation of a 3D custom implant should give them a certain peace of mind the care team is doing everything possible to achieve a great outcome. For the institution where the surgery is performed, the hospital should be commended for being able to manage these complex cases and deliver this type of care while minimizing medical or surgical complications.”

He noted, “The collaboration between LimaCorporate and HSS and the development of the POC Center was an achievement. Creating an additive manufacturing facility in the heart of New York City is no easy feat and is a testament to the commitment of HSS and LimaCorporate to make this concept a reality. The center is gradually being integrated into the clinical workflows of several surgeons who treat complex cases at HSS in shoulder, hip and knee. The connection between LimaCorporate engineers and HSS engineers in our biomechanics department is also unique. We have an incredible opportunity to make the center a hub for education, research and clinical care, where we can bring out the most challenging cases and look at different solutions through a team-based approach. This includes CT-3D reconstructions, printed 3D models and then the process of creating a custom implant, if necessary. This team-based approach has helped engineers and surgeons develop effective solutions to solve difficult clinical problems.”

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