18:00 PM

PYD111 – A Healthcare Conversation with Chief Analytics Officer, Niloo Steele

InterWorks “Podcast Your Data” interviews Niloo Steele, Chief Analytics Officer at HSS, about how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed HSS operations and leveraging data to improve overall patient care.

According to Steele, “From a data perspective we have the deepest data on musculoskeletal conditions in the country at HSS.”

Steele noted since the COVID pandemic, working with data in healthcare has become a lot more collaborative and fast-paced, and anticipates that speed to continue. She said during the pandemic, “we were delivering the data that our leadership and clinicians needed right away.” Steele also emphasized the importance of maintaining efficiency and making data-driven decisions.

Steele is excited about continuing to build a strong relationship between the analytics team and operations team at HSS. She said, “The power of data is when it is applied to operations. Not just predictive models, but when you find an insight and deliver it at the right time, right place and to the right person.”

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