07:00 AM

Preventing Spring Injuries

Good Morning Connecticut hosted HSS hip and knee surgeon Bradford S. Waddell, MD, and assistant vice president of regional onsite rehabilitation facilities at HSS, Jaime Edelstein, PT, DScPT, COMT, OCS, CSCS, live on-air to provide injury prevention tips for the spring months.

In warmer temperatures, Dr. Waddell noted that people want to exercise outside, but could injure themselves by rushing into an activity. 

"Those [injuries] typically can be prevented by working your way slowly into whatever activity you're trying to get back to," Dr. Waddell said. 

To prevent injuries, Edelstein recommended performing any exercise that strengthens the core, such as planks, crunches or squats. 

"It's a combination of stretching, strengthening, getting those base muscles and mobility back," Edelstein added. 

If a patient is injured, Dr. Waddell explained that "one of the big things we push at HSS is that we want to avoid surgery if at all possible. The treatment is going to be similar for many of these injuries which involve rest. Physical therapy is so important to strengthen the muscles."

Watch the full segment at wtnh.com. This also aired during the May 21, 2018 broadcast.