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We Asked an Expert If You Can Lose Fat Just by Lifting Weights — Here's What She Said

POPSUGAR.com inquires about the loss of body fat by weightlifting, alone.

POPSUGAR.com spoke to Tiffany Chag, MS, RD,CSCS, sports performance specialist at HSS for further commentary on this approach who advised, “It is absolutely fine to lift weights to promote fat loss. Adding some cardiovascular work and making small changes to [your] diet will create a more well-balanced routine and may lead to faster results.” Chag added, “In general, the best workout is really one you enjoy doing. If you don't like something, you're less likely to do it, so find something you enjoy and start there."

Regarding what a weekly workout regimen should look like, ideally you should do two to three days of strength training and two to three days of cardio, advised Chag. It’s important to let your body recover, which is why Chag recommends at least one day of rest per week. “Set a goal that works for you. Remember, more is not always better,” noted Chag.

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