12:16 PM

Pivoting During a Pandemic, Preparing for a New Normal

U.S. News & World Report features an article by Louis A. Shapiro, president and CEO of HSS, discussing the changes made at HSS to assist the community during the COVID-19 pandemic, and preparations for the “Return to New Normal”.

According to the article, HSS established a dedicated leadership structure to coordinate with neighboring hospitals on patient transfers, capacity and supplies. An orthopedic triage center was built at the hospital’s main campus, as well as urgent ortho care facilities to avoid sending patients with acute orthopedic injuries or severe pain to emergency departments. Additionally, HSS suspended all but emergency orthopedic surgeries, reducing patient volume by more than 90 percent. “Within days, we had transformed into a multispecialty hospital, broadening our emphasis to treat both COVID-positive and -negative critical care patients and medical/surgical patients with needs ranging from wound care after a burn injury to management of appendicitis and treatment for substance misuse, all while continuing to take care of those in need of essential orthopedic surgery,” wrote Mr. Shapiro.

As data has now suggests that New York City is beyond the peak of the crisis, Mr. Shapiro detailed his forward looking approach as HSS determines how to operate within a lasting and changed landscape. “To that end, we have formed an interdisciplinary team of senior leaders with specific accountabilities for clinical safety, testing, inpatient care, surgery, outpatient care and digital care and wellness. Among the central improvements we have already made is the addition of enhanced monitoring technologies in the hospital, which also will increase the safety of our orthopedic care.” He emphasized the need for regular transparent communications about what is being done at HSS and how, including the publication of a gradual and safe strategy for the resumption of surgery, progressing through three tiers of essential procedures: emergent (which continued during the crisis); urgent (beginning early May) and priority – and then to elective procedures. HSS also launched a new online platform called Feel Better From Home, to provide anyone access to the guidance of HSS experts on how to move and live better each day, from wherever they are.

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