13:47 PM

Our Kids Are Becoming Couch Potatoes – These 12 Physical Activities Will Get Them Moving

Woman's World discusses how it’s gotten harder and harder to get kids moving and what to do about it in an interview with Magdalena Oledzka PT, PhD, DPT, MBA, PCS, c/NDT, pediatric physical therapist at HSS. 

“Physical activity is beneficial for all ages, but for kids it’s especially important,” noted Oledzka. “It stimulates growth; strengthens muscles; builds strong bones; boosts cardiovascular health; prevents obesity; and improves cognitive functions like memory, processing speed and attention.”

Even infants can start to build the strength and skills they need to thrive. That starts with giving your baby plenty of supervised tummy time. “Take babies out of the bouncy seat, car stroller, swing and other containers and allow them to get on a mat on both their back and belly so they can start to practice rolling around,” said Oledzka. 

“For toddlers, fitness is really playtime,” explained Oledzka. Play is how kids learn about themselves and the world around them. It’s also how many social and cognitive skills are developed.

As kids get a little older, physical activity becomes even more important to both development and socialization. “Young kids still have this innate drive to move,” says Oledzka.

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