14:28 PM

Novel Wrist Repair Technique Reduces Pain in Preliminary Study

Pain Medicine News reports on the findings of a preliminary study published in the European Volume of the Journal of Hand Surgery, which found patients who received anatomic front and back (ANAFAB) wrist repair resulted in minimal pain up to two years following the procedure. Results also determined ANAFAB repair restored carpal stability and grip strength without significant loss of motion.

HSS hand and upper extremity surgeon Scott W. Wolfe, MD, who was not involved in the study, explained the current research stems from cadaver research, as well as computer modeling created from CT scans of human wrists before and after wrist repairs. “By virtually dividing ligaments, [they] produced the same problem we produced in the laboratory,” said Dr. Wolfe.

Once the researchers devised the technique, Dr. Wolfe and his colleagues tested the repair on cadavers. Dr. Wolfe emphasized the findings are preliminary and should be taken in that context.

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