07:00 AM

Nonmedical Switching in Rheumatic Disease: An Interview With Allan Gibofsky, MD

Rheumatology Advisor interviewed HSS rheumatologist Allan Gibofsky, MD, about the potential financial benefits of switching stable patients with a rheumatic disease from an originator biologic to a biosimilar.

"If a patient is stable on a biosimilar, then their monitoring regimen is the same as that of a bio-originator. If a patient becomes stable, then it is as if they are on the bio-originator, and there ought to be no incremental costs," Dr. Gibofsky explained.

"There should not be that much disruption when you switch a stable patient. Patients ought to be stable for at least 6 months before you do anything. If they flare, you can switch them back. In most cases, they will recapture their stable state, but some won't," he added.

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