13:24 PM

New guidance reviews evaluation, treatment for sport-related concussion

Healio Orthopedics reports on a new guidance document to help team physicians manage sport-related concussions in athletes of all ages released by the Team Physician Consensus Conference, and includes insight from Karen M. Sutton, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS.

The guidance recommended evaluations for sport-related concussion to continue off-field when a concussion is suspected. Dr. Sutton explained, “Everybody wants to make that evaluation right away when the player comes off the field. But taking the player off the field, giving it some time, letting some plays go on and making the decision a few minutes later is not a bad thing, either. I think people always want to rush to a conclusion and a diagnosis but sometimes it evolves over time.”

The guidance recognized that despite the availability of safety equipment such as helmets, headgear and mouth guards, primary prevention of sport-related concussions is not completely possible.

Dr. Sutton advised, “Playing sports safely and abiding by the rules is one of the best ways to prevent concussions and having coaches educate the athletes in practice in terms of appropriate defensive plays and how to not injure yourself while tackling or checking. I think that is critical.”

She added, “So, understand the rules of the game, because I think a lot of people want to abide by, ‘Let’s just get more equipment and that will be more protective,’ but that is not the answer.”

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