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Murky Pricing Works, but Not for the Patient

In a 'Letter to the Editor' published by The Wall Street Journal on July 18, 2018, HSS president and CEO Louis A. Shapiro and chief value medical officer Catherine H. MacLean, MD, PhD, discussed factors to consider for high-quality patient care.  

"We think of high-quality care as that which is necessary, timely, safe, patient-centered and effective. It is impossible to determine whether the cost of a procedure is reasonable without considering these factors," they wrote.

They noted that reviewing hospital data based on the number of total joint replacements performed, as well as their complication and readmission rates, could help patients pick the right hospital. "How much purchasers of health care would be willing to pay when meaningful measures of quality along with pricing are made available remains to be seen," they concluded.

The letter was written as a response to The Wall Street Journal article published on July 13, 2018.

To read more, visit WSJ.com [subscription required]. This letter also appeared in the July 18, 2018 print edition.