16:51 PM


Orthopedics This Week highlighted the appointment of Michael P. Ast, MD, as Vice-Chair of the HSS Innovation Institute and Chief Medical Innovation Officer.

HSS President and CEO Louis A. Shapiro said in a press release, “We are excited to welcome Dr. Ast to our executive leadership team to help us remain laser focused on our approach to innovation, to drive forward-thinking leadership, and create new pathways that benefit patients everywhere.”

Dr. Ast explained to Orthopedics This Week, “I am most looking forward to further strengthening the alignment between the physicians, the HSS Innovation Institute and the enterprise as a whole. HSS is fundamentally built on clinical excellence, education, research and innovation.”

He continued, “With the Innovation Institute I see an incredible opportunity for the synergies of these values: our world class surgeons educating peers and the next generation of surgeon leaders, continuing to focus on translational research, and developing novel ideas. I see these combining to push major advancements in patient care and the healthcare system as a whole.”

According to Dr. Ast, “There are incredibly exciting innovation projects underway, including several ‘first in the industry’ products, partnerships, and development opportunities that may fundamentally change the musculoskeletal landscape. Working with the incredible Innovation team, my goal is to help finalize and launch several of these in the upcoming year.”

HSS surgeon-in-chief Bryan T. Kelly, MD, MBA, said in a press release, “HSS is uniquely positioned to capitalize on our expertise and leadership to continue to advance the field of musculoskeletal care across the world. The importance of collaborating is paramount now more than ever to ensure that we fulfill our responsibility to discover and improve treatment solutions for the routine and the most complex cases.”

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