10:11 AM

Meet Your Dermatomyositis Care Team

HealthCentral speaks to experts including David R. Fernandez, MD, PhD, rheumatologist at HSS on the importance of having  a multidisciplinary team of specialists to care for the wide range of symptoms dermatomyositis can bring. 

"Many people with dermatomyositis see a dermatologist first because their initial symptoms are often skin-related. Dermatologists help confirm the diagnosis with skin biopsy, then manage skin disease with topical creams and ointments, and sometimes oral and injectable medicines,” Dr. Fernandez explained. 

“A rheumatologist, a doctor trained in inflammatory disease, is essential for your care team,” said Dr. Fernandez. “Most of the treatment of dermatomyositis uses oral or injectable medicines that target the immune system, like steroids or immune globulin,” he explained. “Because rheumatologists have very wide experience in using and managing the side effects of immunosuppressive medicines, they frequently take the lead.”

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