21:43 PM

Meet The Experts

Greenwich Magazine highlights the perspectives of medical experts including sports medicine surgeon Jo A. Hannafin, MD, PhD on the changes to the healthcare system during COVID-19.

Dr. Hannafin discussed the use of telemedicine at HSS and its value as an ongoing option for patients. “With what we do as orthopedic surgeons, we need to actually get our hands on patients, but having the option of telemedicine allows us to do few in-person sessions and supplement with virtual visits,” she explained. “Also, if someone has just had surgery or is housebound, this is a great alternative to having to be in an office for every single visit. Now, the therapists I love from New York can do tele-PT visits with my patients in Pennsylvania. It allows you to share the wealth of information and knowledge. I think this will be a uniformly accepted thing in PT offices, especially when people are at the point where they’re strengthening, because you can supervise efficiently over Zoom.”

Read the article at Issuu.com on pages 78-80. This feature also appears in the January/February print issue.