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Meet The Doctors & Trainers That Take Care Of The Knicks

When it comes to injury prevention and treatment for athletes across all levels, a team of medical experts is essential. MSG featured part one of the miniseries, HSS Sports Performance Lab, highlighting the medical staff who work cohesively to treat professional teams such as The New York Knicks.

HSS sports medicine surgeon and Team Physician for the New York Knicks Answorth A. Allen, MD, said "one of the fantastic things about working at Hospital for Special Surgery is that you're never alone. You're part of something bigger than yourself.

"There's always very good communication between the trainers, the managers and the owners who are all trying to do the right thing for the individual - which is first a patient and an athlete second," added Dr. Allen.

Lisa R. Callahan, MD, primary care sports medicine physician at HSS; Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Player Care at Madison Square Garden Sports, said "that it is important to assess a player from a variety of angles."

The Leon Root, MD, Motion Analysis Laboratory offers advanced technology to record a patient's movement for assessment.

"Little reflective markers are put on bony landmarks around the body. We can study your jumps, your running, your walking, your cutting. We get these 3D motions... we're applying it to understand the biomechanics of the athlete," said Howard J. Hillstrom, PhD, director of the motion analysis lab.

"It's very important to know what's normal for that individual athlete, so after they've had an injury, you know what their baseline is that you can compare the return to," said Dr. Callahan.

Also featured is HSS rehabilitation specialist Theresa Chiaia PT, DPT, who conducted an athletic performance assessment and fitness tests with a patient utilizing video. As part of the athlete's education in injury prevention, Chiaia reviews the playback with a patient to determine where adjustments need to be made.

Watch the full video at msgnetworks.com. This segment aired during the January 14, 2018 broadcast.