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News 12 Connecticut reports on total wrist replacement innovation featuring an interview with Scott W. Wolfe, MD, hand and upper extremity surgeon at HSS, who is the co-designer of the KinematX Total Wrist Implant, which is the first to utilize the mid-carpal joint and makes it possible to move in a way no previous wrist joint implant could.

The broadcast segment spotlights HSS patient Mark Eisen, who was one of the first patients to undergo the procedure one year ago.

Mark experienced years of bone-on-bone joint pain from osteoarthritis and he was unable to play his favorite game of golf until he underwent a successful wrist replacement surgery by Dr. Scott Wolfe.

Dr. Wolfe explained the benefits of the implant are to “allow people to move their wrist from radial extension to ulnar flexion, much like you do if you were throwing a dart, batting, tennis playing or pouring from a pitcher.”

The segment aired during the 8am news hour on June 26, 2022.