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McMullen: The Tricky Timing Of Carson Wentz's Injury

ESPN South Jersey reported that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz spoke to the media for the first time since his ACL injury, and shared that he damaged the LCL in his left knee as well. 

HSS sports medicine surgeon Andreas H. Gomoll, MD, who did not treat Wentz, explained the recovery time for both injuries.

"If just the ACL is damaged, recovery for an elite athlete who can focus on recovering (rather than having to go to work and rehab in the evenings) can be as short as six months. If other ligaments are damaged enough to require repair, such as the lateral collateral ligament (LCL), then recovery will be longer - closer to nine to 12 months," Dr. Gomoll said.

Dr. Gomoll also noted that Wentz's meniscus damage does not raise any red flags.

"Meniscus injury, while increasing the risk of arthritis later in life, doesn't add much to the recovery, since most meniscus tears in these elite athletes are cleaned up, rather than stitched back together," he added.

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