08:00 AM

Managing Rheumatic Diseases and Reproductive Health

In this podcast, Lisa Sammaritano, MD, rheumatologist at HSS, discusses the importance of combining expertise for managing reproductive health in a patient with a rheumatic disease. She talks about educating patients on their options, contraception, medications and other concerns.

Dr. Sammaritano notes that in recent years, as treatments have become better, more and more women with a rheumatic disease have been able to consider pregnancy.

"It's a very important area for rheumatologists to be aware of because we are in a position to give our input to the patient’s OB/GYN," she says "There are certain issues related to the underlying disease that will impact some decisions, whether it’s the type of contraception used or whether or not pregnancy planning is appropriate at a given time." She adds that other issues include fertility therapy and the management of a rheumatic disease during pregnancy.

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