13:30 PM

Kinesiology Tape Can Help With Runner's Knee Pain — Here's How It Works

POPSUGAR reports on the use of kinesiology tape (KT) to help with runner’s knee pain according to HSS physical therapist (PT), Jaclyn Smulofsky PT, DPT.

"It [KT] provides a therapeutic benefit by relieving pressure on irritated tissues," explained Smulofsky. "It facilitates underactive muscles and inhibits overactive muscles while providing information to the skin to reduce sensitivity to pain,” she added.

Smulofsky noted the tape should only be used under the guidance of a trained PT or a doctor, and shouldn’t be considered a long-term solution. If the tape proves to be ineffective or the pain continues, Smulofsky advised another consultation with your PT.

"KT should be used by people who have experienced muscular or overuse injuries, those who've had surgery (when directed), and potentially those with neurological impairments," said Smulofsky. "However, there are some precautions when using KT tape independently, including allergies to adhesives (materials in the tape), open wounds, skin infections, active cancers, diabetes mellitus, and other cardiac conditions."

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