22:07 PM

Keep Fall Workouts Fun, Safe and Challenging

Stamford Patch highlights tips for a safe and productive fall exercise regimen according to HSS sports medicine physician Nicholas Sgrignoli, MD.

As darker mornings and earlier sunsets create a shorter daylight window for outdoor exercise, Dr. Sgrignoli advised to stay highly visible on the roads to vehicles, by wearing bright reflective clothing and clip-on lights. Layering workout gear is essential to adjust your body temperature as needed and avoid wetness from the elements and perspiration. Alternating your exercise regimen can help reduce injury risk, improve performance and keep things interesting. Dr. Sgrignoli recommended to have a plan and to think about your program holistically in three parts - cardiovascular (e.g., runs, bike rides, team and other sports); strength training; and balance and agility. He also addressed the importance of staying hydrated even in cooler temperatures, starting slow, adapting your routine and more.

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