09:04 AM

Kansas amputee to get a bionic arm

KSN (NBC Kansas) reports on a local woman, Sondra Stieber, who will undergo osseointegration after amputating her left forearm last year. 

S. Robert Rozbruch, MD, chief of Limb Lengthening and Complex Reconstruction Service at HSS, started performing osseointegrations about two years ago, mostly on leg amputees. Stieber will be receiving a myoelectric arm.

"It will be a relatively short prosthetic that's going to be very, very sophisticated," explained Dr. Rozbruch. Stieber will be able to control the hand by just thinking about it. "There's a band that goes right around the arm at the level of those muscles, and it transmits the signals to the myoelectric prosthesis," added Dr. Rozbruch.

Watch the segment and read the article at KSN.com. This also aired on the October 8, 2019 broadcast.

Watch the update on Stieber's story after her first surgery on KSN.com.