22:35 PM

IT Band Pain? Don't Roll It. Do This Instead

Livestrong discusses injury prevention and treatment strategies for the iliotibial (IT) band according to experts including HSS physical therapist James Gallegro PT, DScPT, MSPT, CMPT, OCS, CSCS.

The IT band is made up of layers of dense connective tissue known as the fascia. According to Gallegro, “Fascia is actually by design quite resistant to stretching; it is meant to transfer load. Muscles can be stretched, but fascia not so much,” he cited.

Gallegro explained the importance of hydration to keep the fascia healthy. “If someone is under-hydrated, the fascial layers will not be able to slide and move on each other freely. When the fascia is under constant tension, the makeup of the tissue stiffens, preventing that normal slide and glide,” he noted.

Gallegro recommended stretching the muscles around the IT band, including the tensor fasciae latae (TFL) and gluteus maximus.

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