07:00 AM

Is Your Job to Blame for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

U.S. News reports that certain occupations may be linked to higher rates of carpal tunnel syndrome, which affects more than one in 20 adults in the U.S.

Daniel A. Osei, MD, MSc, hand and upper extremity surgeon at HSS, explains that there is some strong evidence that the condition can be work-related.  Sometimes, someone may already have carpal tunnel yet certain occupational tasks may seem to make it worse. 

"It may be because of a patient's anatomy," says Dr. Osei.

For some people, surgery is recommended to relieve symptoms that come along with carpal tunnel. "Carpal tunnel release typically involves an incision on the palm, and that allows the surgeon to locate the tissue in the palm that presses directly on the nerve…. The pain symptoms that patients have because of the condition are relieved quite quickly. And any other symptoms that have occurred because of that typically get better over time," explains Dr. Osei.

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